Please find below some excerpts and testimonials from clients about their coaching experience with me:


“Lauren was awesome. She did a great job in helping me visualize my goals, short-term to long-term. She helped me realize that I don’t have to choose one path for the rest of my life right now – I can keep my options open and see how things play out.  Even though that sounds like a simple concept, prior to my training with Lauren, it was a huge weight on my shoulders.  Lauren was able to help me eliminate the stress and worry.

Lauren was very easy to talk to and helped me identify obstacles in my path. She got me to open up and think about things in ways that I never had.  The different exercises for my various goals were also very helpful. Finding a  job back in my field of study stands as evidence of the effectiveness of Lauren’s coaching.”


North Carolina

“Working with Lauren was a very positive experience. It was my first time working with a coach & it introduced me to the value of such a relationship. She was really great at “listening between the lines” and calling me out on my excuses. Her belief in me and encouragement were the stepping stool I needed to get to a place of believing in myself. Thanks Lauren!”



“Lauren’s coaching was very valuable. She was straight-forward to get points across, but did it in a professional and kind manner. She made me feel comfortable talking about my finances and issues that lied beneath the surface of my spending habits. Even when I would have negative news to report to Lauren, she turned them into positives and made me feel empowered. Thanks to Lauren, I was able to have money for a rainy day that I would have not had in the past! Altogether, Lauren is a fantastic coach!”



“Lauren not only gave me the confidence and direction needed to overcome obstacles, her coaching technique and methods have helped me to finally re-enter the legal field.  After being home for eight years raising my children, I’m now a practicing patent attorney, a truly remarkable accomplishment that could have never been attainable without Lauren’s advice and guidance. She takes the time and effort to treat each client’s issues as though they are her own. She takes the initiative to understand the goals of her client, and customizes her coaching to unlock and enhance potential that may have never surfaced without her services. Her resume writing skills are phenomenal. After she worked with me on my resume I received several compliments on how impressive it looked! More importantly, the rewritten resume opened doors that had previously been closed.  I will continue to use her services for career enhancement and professional development. She truly has a gift, and without her I would never undertaken the endeavors I am currently engaged in.”

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