From Stay-At-Home Mom
to Party Planner Entrepreneur


As a stay-at-home mom seeking to reenter the workforce, I sought Lauren's expertise for guidance. With her help, she revamped my resume and LinkedIn profile, showcasing my skills and experiences. The results were remarkable — multiple job interviews lined up, and I secured an offer in my desired field.

Throughout this journey, Lauren's career coaching led me to discover my true passion: party planning. Guided by her unwavering support, I overcame doubts and procrastination, transforming into a confident party planner. Fueled by her encouragement, I ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, starting my own party planning guide business.

Lauren's role in this journey meant everything to me, as she not only helped me navigate a career transition but also supported me in turning my passion into a fun business venture!

Ariana’s story is my absolute favorite transformation.
Seeing her confidence is something I will always remember and treasure.





I’ve worked with Lauren several times over the last few years, and she has been wonderful. She helped me make a drastic career move by creating the perfect resume and LinkedIn profile, and providing coaching along the way. I highly recommend Lauren and will always return to her when I need a revamp of my resume and profile.
Party Planner Entrepreneur
Lauren is incredibly professional and knowledgable about job searching and resume writing. She assisted me in re-writing my resume and targeting job postings when I relocated. I recommend anyone to use Lauren's career services, especially for career changers and those needing assistance with LinkedIn.
Director, Customer Management
Lauren has this wonderful energy that makes things happen for herself and her clients. Whatever stage you are at, Lauren will help you get to where you truly want to be with her unique blend of skills, experience and enthusiasm. Highly recommended!
LinkedIn Specialist

Lauren's coaching help shift my perspective from "I don't have time for that" to "Woah, I can get that done!", by helping me organize my schedule and allot time in for self-care. Each session with her left me totally energized! Thanks Lauren!

Co-Founder & Operations Manager



I'm so glad to have Lauren in my corner while I was going through my career transition! One of Lauren's strengths was actively listening to what I was saying, and not saying, to get to the root of what kind of career I would be interested in doing. She helped me spruce up my resume and LinkedIn so that it could better target the roles I am more interested in pursuing. Lauren nudged and guided me towards ideas and tools to help me build my next career path. Definitely enjoyed working with her!


Financial Management Analyst
Lauren is an extremely personable, highly energetic career coach. I engaged with Lauren when I needed a little career direction and preparation for an interview. Her expertise clearly positioned my skills, accomplishments and personal strengths to engage prospective employers. What I received was so much more than I could have ever expected. Lauren was invaluable to help me organize my answers in an effective way; provide me with steps that I could use to remain focused on what I wanted to achieve in an interview.
Vice President
Lauren is an amazing career coach who listened carefully to my ideas and goals and helped me craft a resume and LinkedIn profile to help me achieve them. She has a deep sense of the current job market and pushed me to think about opportunities and possibilities that I could not initially see. I felt much more confident in my work with her support. I recommend her highly!

Experienced Education Leader

One of the things that I appreciated most about Lauren during my coaching sessions was how easy it was to talk to her - it was like working with a friend! She was great at recreating my resume since it was 17 years old and resumes have changed a lot over that time. Lauren is an amazing coach and happily made herself available when it worked for my schedule. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to make a change in their career.


Office Manager & Accounting Assistant


Samantha S. 

Getting a handle on my finances and achieving some goals in that arena that I had wanted to achieve for a while but hadn’t done so until working with Lauren.

Having a distinct turning point for the better in my personal life about half-way through my sessions with Lauren. While there were other catalysts
to this happening, I don’t think that without Lauren as a Coach,
I would have been able to achieve it as quickly, or as completely, as I did. From the first and last session, there has been a huge improvement in my personal life and by having her to challenge my assumptions and
negative habits, I wouldn’t have had as deliberate of an effort to try
to change a lot of the negative thought patterns and habits I had developed. 

Liz U.

Working with Lauren was a very positive experience.
It was my first time working with a coach and introduced me
to the value of such a relationship. She was really great at
“listening between the lines” and calling me on my BS. Her belief in me and the encouragement was the stepstool I needed to get to a place
of believing in myself. Thank you, Lauren!

Manjula S. 

Lauren was awesome.  She did a great job in helping me visualize my goals, short term to long term. She helped me realize that I don’t have to choose one path for the rest of my life right now, that I can keep my options open and see how things play out. Which even though it may seem simple,
for some reason that was a huge weight on my shoulders that didn’t need to be there and she was able to take that stress and worry away. 
By getting my head in the right place, I was able to find a job back in my field of study and accept it!